If our products do not function as expected, our support desk is your first point of contact to help you further and find a solution. You can also contact the support desk for functional questions about Business Central and our AddOn iSuite (I-Fresh and I-Make). The support desk will pass your question on to one of our consultants who has expertise in the relevant knowledge area.

A support contract is only possible in combination with a maintenance contract or subscription to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Business Ready Enhancement Plan).

The registration of reports is primarily done by the application manager via the customer portal:

If necessary, the support desk can also be reached via the customer portal

accessible via:  

  • E-Mail        :
  • Phone        :        +31 88 988 90 00

The Axians Supportdesk is available during office hours (08:30 to 17:00), except on holidays.

Of course, the more concrete and detailed your description, the faster we can help you. Your report is immediately registered in our helpdesk system. This system also contains the FAQs so that the support employee can quickly look up frequently asked questions.

We aim to provide you with an initial response to your report within 2 hours on working days. In this response we will indicate the priority with which we will deal with the issue. Details can be found in your support contract with Axians Business Solutions. For support outside the standard hours, additional agreements can be made. If you believe that we have given your call the wrong priority, you can escalate your call to our sales manager responsible for your account.

In some cases it can be helpful if our support employee can look at your computer with you. We do this with TeamViewer or Teams. You can find a link on the customer portal.

New versions

If you use our AddOn you are entitled, under the terms of your support contract, to the latest version and interim updates. These versions are all based on the most recent version and updates of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. We follow the support lifecycle and roadmap of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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